An alteration of the comeback "Your Face" or "Your Mum"

Used in the same context, when nothing else can be said.

Scenario One..
Person One: Can I have my pen back?
Person Two: What pen?
Person One: The one in your hand.
Person Two: I don't know anything about a pen.
Person One: Stop being a shit.
Person Two: "Your life is shit"

Scenario Two..
Person One: That gig was dissapointing.
Person Two: "Your life is dissapointing"

Can be used incorrectly.
Scenario One..
Person One: I had a sandwich for lunch today.
Person Two: "Your life is a sandwich"

This just doesn't make sense.

Scenario Two..
Person One: Did you see that flower? It's so beautiful.
Person Two: Your life is beautiful.

Obviously the insult has now become a compliment.
by asherleaa April 7, 2008
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Is often considered a joke, and isn't going good, assuming your looking up your life on Urban Dictionary.
Your life is a fkn joking, go find your hoe and get a life you fkn retard.
by A'Don isn't a Boomer, are you? November 20, 2019
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a short time around 75 years where you can do stuff. many people think their life sucks and its unfair and so on and thats true, but if you think about it, it doesnt matter because:

life is just like a game you have been forced to play. good for you if things are nice and it really sucks if you have a rough trot. one day you will die and thats it! your existance will be forgotten in time. its not like you have to do anything important in your life, because actually no one (really) cares.

the most important thing about your life is, that you are happy. do the things you want, not what others say. fuck stuff like stress, anger, hate, sadness and so on. you dont need that in your life. ok beeing sad sometimes is ok but dont take that shit to serious. its just your life, have as much fun as possibile an then die and rest in peace. thats the way!
1: oh god life sucks! i want to die!

2: live on. your life is short anyway.
by publish it already June 13, 2009
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Comes from the Hebrew origin of Be'Hayeha. Can define several emotions during a conversation, depending on the intonation of the speaker. May be compared to "Get out of here" that is commonly used in English.

The emotions can vary between Amazement, sneering, Doubt in the other speaker,
A: Did you hear about the new Lamborghini, It can 0-300 km/h in 3 seconds?
B: In your life.

A: I saw a ghost last night.
B: In your life. (stretch the words with a low pitched voice).
by RaamEE March 15, 2005
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your life is a pencil with no point
by dino titties November 11, 2019
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