fucking hot guy, very very nice first name, irish name, large penis
#girl1: that is such a ryan
by ryajdv162341 February 27, 2017
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n. The failure to fix a problem or control a situation when to do so would even minimally interfere with protecting or promoting oneself; esp. in positions of trust.
Devin begged Paul to help him hide the Santorum flowing down his suit pants, but all he got was a Ryan. Paul refused to go along with another Nunes.
by ciabrat March 23, 2018
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A nice guy that wants you to think that he is an asshole
Ryan bought his coworker her favorite candy, even though he tells her he's an asshole.
by kadobbles June 09, 2015
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Anyone named Ryan is the coolest guy ever. Extremely cool, and very, very funny. Not to mention awesome. Yep, he's very awesome.
Person 1: hey did you hear about Ryan!
Person 2: hell yeah I did. He's pretty cool too!
by 41tiorda January 12, 2019
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Ryan is a bad ass that thinks he is all that. Always trying to get with the ladies, and because of his bad ass attitude, all the ladies want to get with him. What they don't know is that Ryan is one of the most sweetest guys you will ever meet. He is one of those guys that will always be there for you, want to learn a song so then he can sing it to you, want you to feel safe. If you are in a relationship with a Ryan, it would be crazy of you to let him go. You'll regret it and want him back. He give the most amazing cuddles, and the most passionate kisses. He is also a sex machine. You'll never want to get him out of the bed.

So under all that bad ass, scene, hardcore jock is the most sweetest guys you will ever meet. He will do anything for that one girl, even if it means not seeing his friends so then you will feel safe. Even if it means missing out on school and his friends just so then he can see you after you've had your surgery so then he knows you're still here.
Never let go of your Ryan. You don't know what you've got until it's gone.

I Love You Ryan β™₯
Girl 1: Who is that bad ass?
Girl 2: That's no bad ass, that's my boyfriend. Don't judge him because he's a Ryan
Girl 1: I want a Ryan
Girl 2: Then stay the hell away from mine
by RoxyGirl11 May 02, 2010
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Ryan's are cool, athletic, smart individuals who almost always complete everything. Ryan's will never give up anything easily and stop at nothing to get what they want. Don't ever try to mess with a Ryan or you could be in a lot of trouble!
You saw that Ryan kid, he is really something...
by Ryan on the west coast March 17, 2016
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A perfect guy who treats his woman like a princess. He always makes sure she's happy and makes sure she knows that she's his everything.
Ryan treats Danyka like she's his everything.
by Moi, une persone. December 01, 2013
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