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1. The Ancient Persian God, the God-king, ruler of the world.
A. Hey man, have you heard of Ali, the guy is freaking undefeated man!

B. Yo, mark my words, one day he'll be just like Rustam, the King of the World.

A. True that.
by RUSTIK March 21, 2008
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to stink, or to emit a foul smell that makes people scared
that person is so rustam, i can smell them from a mile away
by tyson fighter July 26, 2010
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Rustam is usually called at a teenage boy who is really rude, inconsiderate, a slimmy shit, a rat who will stab you in the back, evil eyed bastard, a cock-sucking frog, a rubber lip donkey, a pussy dreaming ass-licking, poor motherfucker who sucks his fathers tail, a crack using, slow thinking Guy!
Oh fuck you mayne, you motherfuckin Rustam!
by Aaron Baker August 23, 2004
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