A characteristic of not being a stereotyped urban black person. An urban black person with non-urban characteristics.
Cassandre is an African American from the inner city. Everyone says she is blackish because she likes country music.
by Urban Updater July 18, 2006
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1.A fucking nuisance to the black community.2. A light skinned pretty boy.
Full black: u r a fucking nuisance.
Blackish: fuck no nigga.
Full black : shut up before I beat yo pretty boy ass nigga
by Kanye’s west is gay January 27, 2019
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an offspring of one British and one Black parent.
a person of mixed African American and British Ancestry.
My Mom is black and my Dad is British, so the slang term would be Blackish. other examples:half black and half Japanese would be considered Blackanese, or half American and Half Jamaican would be Jamerican. Half Mexican and Half Black would be Blaxican.
by OneLoveKelly January 21, 2006
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A person of NON African heritage who lives in an urban community and edures the same struggle as their African American neighbors
The blackish lady down the street has a neighbors pitbull loose in her yard.
by L. Hill November 29, 2018
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an individual who is both black and british (or any other nationality ending in "ish")
Dude: My new neighbors are blackish.

Dude's friend: Dude, they're kind of black?

Dude: No, they're black AND (nationality)!

Dude's friend: Oh! No way, Dude!
by Mamma Tard June 14, 2010
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