The act of running extremely out of control or out of the normal for any specific person.
Yo man, your boy has been running WILD this week. Control that.
by BeenRunninWild October 29, 2009
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A totaly awesome german speed/heavy metal band dating back to -81 with a pirate theme. Their frontman is Rock n Rolf Kasparek. They are still active.
The name "Rock n Rolfs" is so cool.
by Marcus April 25, 2005
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Last of the great NYC public access TV comedians who fell on hard times, became homeless, and went literally "running wild" in the streets. Was also at the time a gopher for Local TV legend Joe Franklin. Ron Yushack eventually ended up in Bellevue Hospital, and soon afterwards disappeared into the cold, gritty wilderness of madness, and obscurity. <BR>
Where is Ron Yushack?
That TV producer's gonna end up pulling a "Yushack" if he don't get a job a pay his rent. Look at him. He's "running wild"!
by Boris Lugosi March 23, 2005
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To be in a state of constant meetings and so unavailable for contact.
Gwen's horses are running wild today - she never picks up her extension.
It all kicks off when Gwen's horses are running wild.
by verybadgolf March 28, 2014
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