Something that actually exists. After strenuous exercise endorphines are released creating a "high" feeling. Its not the same as a marijuana type high. Its more of a lightheaded feeling and you cant feel your body alowwing you to run even further. You wont get it if you run 5 minutes. Most feel the effect after 30-40 minutes of hard running.
Joe: Dude runner's high doesnt exist.

Bob: Thats because you only run a lap then give up you fucking pussy.

Joe: well how long do you have to run?

Bob: about half an hour.

Joe: fuck that.

exercise isnt for everyone.
by dwagz October 11, 2009
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An addictive side affect from exhausting oneself in a footrace. Usually runners high varies differently depending on the person but it his been compared to an orgasim or being on drugs.
Guy 1: Dude im so happy right now.

Guy 2: I think its because you have runners high.

Guy 1: Oh man, I love track.
by Matthew Kane November 16, 2006
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when the endorphins from running kick in and make you feel as though you have done drugs. You become happy, everything is funny and you can't stop laughing! It makes you love to run
ha ha ha I have runners high.
by gracie lucy June 29, 2006
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A concept runners have come up with to explain to non-runners after being asked for the thousandth time how it is possible to enjoy running
non-runner: So tell me again... why do you like running?
Long, exasperated pause.
runner: Ummm... Runners High.
non-runner: Ahh... I see
by Eastern Wildebeest January 15, 2017
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A supposed "high" attained by release of endorphins during and after high amounts of aerobic activity. Possibly developed in the 1960's as a way to get the drug addicts of the class to exercise. Current research indicates no high is ever achieved via this method, and so can efficiently labeled "Bullshit".
Fred: Hey man! Lets go for a run and get a runner's high!
Me: You're an idiot. Go take some LSD.
Fred(tripping): OH MY GOD!!!! THE COLORS ARE TALKING TO ME!!!!
by yourmomisgreat69 April 8, 2009
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