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A person or animal named Runa usually has the trait of being a pussy ass little bitch. They are often bi-polar in nature and will bitch about you behind your back or from a distance so you can hear in a very aggressive manner. However once approached they never use violence and become very threatened if talked down up on and become quiet. Once you walk away they usually become very verbal again.
If you have something they want they'll act like your best friend giving you a false sense of companionship. This is the best way to gain their trust in the long term but they are very reluctant to accept you as a true friend.
by Alex-sl October 08, 2016
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1) Hindi word meaning "lovely lady".
2) A beautiful girl, smart, athletic, nearly perfect
That girl is a "runa" for real.
by Rahan July 01, 2005
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A man of mystery every thing he does he becomes the best at some would he is blessed,King of the west line
Left leg hospital right leg cemetery
I see runa everywhere he must be king of westline
by Bilbo Turbak February 01, 2017
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a tall skinny communist from denmark. he likes to eat his own crap out of the toilet. he likes fingering himself in the ass which causes him to have an extreme orgasm spilling cum all over himself. His penis is all messed up so his cum goes up his ass hole and he becomes pregnant. his baby is a little communist who he will name adolf hitler.
runo arrives with shit all over his mouth
runa arrives with shit all over his mouth
"hey guys, i just found out that i was pregnant"
"i accidentaly shot cum up my ass"
"yah i think ima name him adolf hitler"
"all u people from denmark are messed up, ur all damn communists"
"yah us denmarkians are fags arent we"
by asdf jkl; April 18, 2008
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