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1.The first motion in a physical altercation, the opening stage of a fight.

2.acceleration toward someone with intent to harm.

goes beyond posturing but does not require contact just a threat of contact.

usually warrants a reaction and almost always results in a fight.
Kim: are you going to fight Seth after school?

Brandon: If that nigga Run up.

also in past tense:
Teacher: John I am sorely disappointed in you why did you hit that young man

John: he ran up so I punched him. \

Run up
by Hooddirector April 08, 2009
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1) to suddenly approach someone
2) to ambulate quickly across an inclined surface
3) to accumulate
1) "What makes you think that I won't run up on you wit da nine?" -50 Cent
2) After I increased the incline on the treadmill, I really had to run up.
3) You took your bitch to Wendy's for you one year anniversary? Dag man better not run up too much money on the ol' credit card bills.

If you run up too big a debt to that loan shark, he'll probably run up on you. If I were you, I'd run up into the hills and not come back for awhile. Cracka.
by Nick D October 28, 2003
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In aviation terms what an aircraft dooes to warm up or test its engines. With brakes set the aircraft will put the engine/engines under a load to simulate stress of flight.
Tower this is N123JS i need to do a run up. N123Js proceed to taxiway Q via S and R to do you run up.
by Josh September 05, 2006
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A noun in military, engineering, and political speak. Means the period of preparation leading up to roll-out, especially the most frantic no-sleep, no-time, any-expense, just get something no matter what period.
That whole week was the run up to Operation Blue Arrow, so I got about three hours of sleep a night if I was lucky.

Wooo-hoo, unlimited overtime for the run up to the release of MyThing!

We'll need the major nets, papers, and blogs watched twenty-four seven for the run up to the Iowa caucuses.
by old lang guy September 05, 2006
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term used in skateboarding meaning the runway or area to ride on while approaching a set of stairs or other object that the trick will be performed on.
yo, the run up on for this eight stair sucks, theres cracks and shit all over.
by jasrtdkhgjsgr September 06, 2006
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