a term to describe a person's tendency to ignore facts, spoken or otherwise, when those facts are opposing to the person's own viewpoint.
Doctor: I'm afraid you only have two weeks to live.
Rumsfeldian: Yeah, my health gets better every year.

Banker: Your account is overdrawn.
Rumsfeldian: I'll write a check to cover it.
by Hates_ November 22, 2006
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Derived from Donald Rumsfeld, erstwhile SECDEF and all-around meanie, the term "rumsfeldian" is an adjective used to describe a truly tremendous blunder, such as NOT pursuing the jihadis in Afghanistan or invading/occupying a hostile country with far too few troops.
He really screwed the pooch on that one! It was positively rumsfeldian!!
by succulentboi August 25, 2004
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Use of profound logic to confound the opposition, often yourself.
"We have known knowns(things we know we know), known unknowns(things we know we don't know), unknown unknowns (things we don't know we don't know), and unknown knowns (things we don't know we know)" came the rumsfeldian reply to the reporters question.
by KennethM September 11, 2007
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