Used to describe the runny, splattery, and gassy shits, usually experienced after a long night of consuming rum and cokes.
Wow, I’ve got a real bad case of rum bum today, I’ve gone shit three times in the last hour!
by venom363 October 19, 2006
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Used during the mid 18th century onwards in reference to the British Navy's great tradition of allowing no women on their ships of the fleet. The time when a Cabin Boy would have to wipe more than a smile from his face!
Person 1: "What is this navy all about then?"

Person 2: "Royal Navy, it's all rum and bum!"

"Rum, sodomy and the lash"
by SavageQuoll December 14, 2011
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a fruity alcoholic beverage favoured by shirt-lifters. Malibu or tia maria or some fudge-packer drink like that.
"ooooh quentin, shall we have a swift half?"
"oooh no barry, beer gives my fragile feminine stomach terrible upsets, lets just have a malibu eh?"
"hmmm me too. Two shots of bum rum, barman"
by original jimster June 30, 2009
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That is Bum Rum Flavour
by Big,Fat,Fat,Guy November 15, 2018
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The act of using pickle juice and rum for an enema. This is often done after a particularly violent anal cleaning.
I gave my ass hole a good cleaning in preparation for this Indian Rum Bum I'm about to get.
by bigbuttfucker October 24, 2018
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When you’re bum is leaking rum.
John: i just ate meatloaf and now i need to poo
Kyle: Damn that’s about to give you mad bum rum
by kylematthews June 19, 2023
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An cocktail/sex move consisting of turning a bottle of rum upside down in ones anus and the drinking the ensuing cocktail.
My wife and I spiced up the bedroom with a little bum rum!
by AnonymousBDH February 16, 2021
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