If it exists, there is a conspiracy behind it.
37 is the only two digit number in base 10 with the following property: The difference between the two digits equals the square root of the difference between the number itself and the least common multiple of the two digits.

Rule 37 works for everything: What is your body temperature?
by Kokonatsupaifurai February 4, 2010
If it exists, there's a wiki dedicated to it.
Guy 1: hey man, I can't find that rare weapon in that new game that just released.

Guy 2: check the wiki page.

Guy 1: how do you know that there'll be a wiki for it?

Guy 2: rule 37 man.
by Teh_T_ Machine July 29, 2016
No matter how fucked up it is, there is always worse than what you just saw.
Newfag : Dude, someone just sent me this video called Tubgirl. It's so fucking gross !

Veteran Internet user : Rule 37, man. Rule 37.
by BananaChicken22 June 18, 2020
There is a minecraft mod of everything thought of ever
Don’t get me wrong, wet beacons in minecraft would be dope”

“Rule 37, my guy, just google it
by IbudddzTV June 12, 2018
Rule 37, if it exists, there is a tube of it.
Rule 37 implies there is a tube of everything or will be, like redtube, youtube, pucktube, gametube
by Computeher April 19, 2008
If there is no porn of it, then it shall be made!!
Mickey mouse and Optimus Prime. Rule 37 states it shall be made
by Jamonurface January 22, 2009