The youtube of porn, sex and XXX rated content. Not safe for work and you should be over 18 to visit.
Man, with redtube I don't need to download any more porn!
by Dave Carben May 08, 2007
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HOLY SHIT! Best site for looking up porn if you're horny. It's just kinda...there. No bullshit to put up with.
by JamesF1987 October 13, 2007
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the heaven for married men.
Last night my wife wouldn't give me any, so I stayed up all night mousing off to Redtube.
by CarnivalKid32 March 06, 2010
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Known by every decent man who has some dignity and respect towards his own cock. Often seen as a sense of escape and is a forbidden topic around females.
man 1: what's been happening?

man 2 nods in recognition that he's been on redtube, says nothing.

man 1 nods then salutes .... nothing is said or asked after, just respect for the tube.
by Sweaty Noel 69 July 10, 2008
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One who spends so much time browsing redtube videos their cock thanks them for using the tube by cumming excessively.
Randy: I came a quart last!

Bob: How the fuck did you do that?

Randy: I'm a redtuber.
by CaptianCuddie69 July 21, 2009
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