Q: How did we get from not talking about fight club to rule number five?

A: Oh! rule #5 states that there is no rule #4. That makes sense.
by Ole Black Pee Hands February 14, 2011
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At some point every conversation of over an hour will involve your mom in some way shape or form
x001x: I propose this conversation will soon go to rule 5. You know why?
Loli: Your mom

by darkerblade March 15, 2008
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Rule 5 states that mmateri is always wrong. Any argument you have with him will end in him being wrong. mmateri being the village idiot on thisaintnews.com, has been proven wrong in every argument he's been in, especially when he uses his "facts"."
matteri: Canada has the biggest army in the world.

Anyone with sense: I'll just skip the 2 hours of proving you wrong and call Rule 5 early.
by mrbig4545 November 08, 2009
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Man the f*!k up!
Put your vagina back in the box
B: I have man flu

G: Dude, Rule 5!
by Curlycarrie September 19, 2014
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Spread your hand out and point to each finger and say "I . . . don't . . . give . . . a . . . fuck". It means I could care less, whatever you say or do has no effect on me. It is used when it is inappropriate to actually say "I don't give a fuck"
Boss: I'm gonna have to suspend you for 2 days.

Me: Rule of 5.

Ex-girlfriend: If you don't go to the concert with me I'm gonna break up with you.

Me: Rule of 5.
by sunkeyeno.3 July 22, 2011
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Sally: this race is going to suck today, its too cold!
Me: Rule Number 5 sally! come on.
Sally: Youre right, we got this. It's been worse.
by steppernack November 19, 2012
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Any kid in the presence of an adult can consume alcool
"Yay," Harry raised his fist in the air. "Let's go have a drunken house party."

"Harry," Sirius interjected a voice of reason. "You're in first year, you can't get drunk."

"Rule 47-5" Harry replied smugly.

"Oh . . . right," Sirius nodded. "Never mind, you can get drunk."

"Yay," Harry and Sirius rushed out of the room.
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