A kind hearted gentelman that is the envy of his peers.
by noglory722 February 7, 2019
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A man with great talent. The best boyfriend. Will always be there for you no matter what.
Smart ,funny and sporty. If you find him take good care because I know he will. To top it all he is ultra handsome.
He was handsome but not a Rudolf.
Rudolf it up.
I met Rudolf
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An unfortunate person who gets a whole deal of Christmas jokes all the time.
“Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer!”
“That’s the fifth time this week—”
“Had a very shiny... nOOOOOSE!!!”
by Rudølf April 27, 2021
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The act of upper-cutting your partner while receiving oral sex causing their jaw to close and bit down onto the tip your penis. This in turn causes your penis to prolifically bleed around the tip giving the the appearance of Rudolph's nose.
A regular blowjob just wasn't doing it for me last night, so I got rudolfed now I need stitches.
by Minho Lee August 8, 2014
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A texting professional. The power thumbs of a "Rudolfer" could save babies and kill Chuck Norris if properly applied.
Joe: Tap TAP tap TAP taptap.
John: Who are you texting?
Joe: Oh, im not texting im rewriting "The Great Gatsby" on my sidekick. And... done.
John: Dude, your such a Rudolfer.
by SoMe BoDY September 28, 2007
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it is when you eat a womans ass while she is on her period. after you are done, the blood stains are on your nose.
That horny bitch gave me such a nasty rudolf last night, that I could blow blood bubbles out my nose.
by the helper May 24, 2007
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