Annoying twats that have no balls and they wear skin tight clothes and baseball caps that point vertical, they are such cowards that they have to move in groups of 10 to 1.There is rarely a really hard ruder.
"Yeh mate if u touch ma mate ill get all rudes on ya yer mate yer mate yer.
by Bob September 10, 2003
stuff that a chick vomits after sucking a huge dick
ew! oh my god, iris, you still have some ruder at the side of your mouth
by pattttyyyy April 27, 2012
Ruder is being rude made by piggy
I'm being ruder than ever
by BOBIAJAANANA October 4, 2020
a person that is rude or has said something rude.
person 1) i love Emma Chamberlain

person 2) ew she’s annoying , how can you like her ?!?
person 1) ruder.
by skinny legend sis October 30, 2018
when ur rude but more rude
you’re ruder
by Dayton Castro November 30, 2021