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Common misspelling of Rubik's Cube, a cube-shaped puzzle toy invented by Erno Rubik. Any side of the cube can rotate any direction, and the goal is to get each of the six sides a solid color.
Sara: didn't you buy a Rubix Cube the other day?
Jack: it's actually a Rubik's Cube.
Sara: whatever
Jack: yeah, i couldn't figure it out so i set it on fire.
Sara: zomg i did the same thing
by floydboy June 20, 2010
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Something that whenever used, the people around you gather claiming to have completed millions of times, and know all the (obvious) tricks.
You need to get the corners right!

Let me do a side, I'm good!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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Someone who is colourful, fun to play with, is severely complicated in a strange way, can be gretaly amusing, a good way to pass the time, and gives you a a great feeling of joy and acomplishment if you finally get them..
"I just spent today chillin with my Rubix-cube.. Good times"
or "I Love my Rubix-Cube"
by Roogie March 04, 2008
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Like a cock. The more you play with it the harder it gets
dude this is fucking hard

Thats what she said

no the rubix cube
by 13ogus335 April 10, 2008
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