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an amazingly complex and skillful toy that needs a great deal of stretegy and mind put into it....then the chinese came and killed it...
"did you see that movie, "pursuit of happiness"? Will Smith solved a rubix cube in only 1 scene! (about 5 minutes!!!)"
"...so? an average chinese can solve it in about 3.1415926 5358979323846 264338327950288419716939 9375105820974944592 seconds! or LESS!"
by dble_w June 17, 2008

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angelina jolie when she's drunk
"im kinky"
"same here!"
"awesome! wanna have a 27-way?"
by dble_w June 17, 2008

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a nickelodeon show that starts off with a joke already unfunny and tiresome (although sometimes catchy and even funny), and repeats it so many times during the rest of the show it has been permanently stapled into your head...
"pudding! pu-dding. hahaahahahah!!!!!"
"...shut the f**** up thats not even funny"
"sorry, i saw fairly odd parents so much yesterday..."
"...shut up, why'd you watch that d*ck riding show? your f**king sixteen"
by dble_w June 17, 2008

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1. how you can be friends with Tila Tequila!!!!!

2.Aaand 25000 other strangers, consisting of 1% friendlies, 2%your REAL friends, and 97% pedophiles, rapists, and/or abductors (its usually losers and people at the bottom of the popularity chain who falls for the 97% category"
1. Bob-"wow! hey jeff, I became friends with tila tequila on myspace last night! WOW!!!!"
Jeff-"...wtf? so am i..."

2. Billy on myspace-"hi people! who wants to be friends with me?"
stranger-"hey...i see your..uh...13..yeh...i wanna be friends with you...in fact, i wanna meet you, face to face, since were suuuch good friends"
Billy-"yeh!!! im popular now!!!! *smiley face :)* where?"
stranger-"uuuuh..how about that dark alley between that brothel and the crackhouse down in sin city?"
Billy-"yeh! i have a feelign were gonna be BFF's!!!!"
by dble_w June 17, 2008

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