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Rubas are shy but fun loving girls with a great personality. Rubas never realize how pretty they are no matter how many times they are told. Rubas are truly AMAZING friends, they are always there for you. Anybody would be extremely lucky to get the chance to know let alone be friends with a Ruba. I am lucky enough to call Ruba a friend and anybody else would be to. I LOVE YOU RUBS!!!!!!!!
GUY #1: Look at that girl she is SO HOT!!!
GUY #2: Oh yeah that"s definitely a Ruba!!!
by I'magoodfriend June 15, 2014
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tends to say WOOOW a lot !!
Very funny, innocent girl which tends to be cool like 24/7
Gaby: Ruba is the coolest person alive :)
other person: SHE IS !
by Coolkidlovesyou May 17, 2010
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I'm so glad to be friends with Ruba
by drumarswife July 3, 2021
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she’s tall a very nice loving person.Shes skinny long haired and is kind.Shes not new to the game.She gets dealt with all the time .Shes a whore and gets passed around by the gang
by Jwjabajsnwj12 July 10, 2018
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A young lad, of British descent. Goes to maine every weekend. Makes faces of comical caliber.
Let's go rob Ruba's house, his door is always open.
by Miguel March 26, 2004
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