r=rumor,o=on,y=yard roy=rumor on yard. roy is a part of a type of prison slang pronounced roy
"I'm gonna start a r.o.y. that im a lesbian! -Kathy Griffin
by Saraiyu August 01, 2007
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To expell feces out of the anus.

Another word for taking a poop.
I just ate Taco Bell and now I gotta go take a huge roy.

Dude, maybe we should go check on Kara. She went to go take a roy like 3 hours ago.

The toilet is clogged up again! Jared Mason must have taken one of his famous roys.
by John Davidson June 02, 2006
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Ali:Brandon Jennings and Tyreke Evans are shining with the Kings and the Bucks.

Brandon: I wonder who will be the ROY.
by hk1994 December 06, 2009
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Roy means red or king, two of which are very powerful. Red being the color of fire the burns brightly and king being he's a leader. He takes charge of himself and his loved ones. He's awkward, handsome, tall, has a scar on the right side of his face that runs from his temple down to his cheek from slaying a dragon while trying to save his princess from being kept in a tower by a spell that only true loves kiss can break hahahaha just kidding he got it when he was a child by accident. He is indeed a genuinely sincere person. He is someone who believes too much and loves too strongly. He has a lover that loves him more than he knows. Roy is a Queens King. He doesn't give up easily and never stops trying.
I bet he's a Roy!

Roys are so unique and rare!

If you come across a Roy, make him your baby daddy!

You're lucky if you found a Roy.
by SnoopieGurl October 12, 2013
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one who not only walks hard, but is in fact hardened himself. He carries a new age Bob Dylan attitude and disregards the questioning of others.
(1) Roy wrote a new song!
(2) Really? Whats it like?
(1) A mash up of Notorious B.I.G. and Bob Dylan.
(2) Damn, Roy is so hard.
by hustlin2010 October 10, 2010
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Verb or Noun.
The art of creating or bastardizing words in order to meet one's own selfish needs.
1- "We see that bush has care and sou....ciment for the situation."
2- "You totally just royed that up royally."

"Well you see that farfenugans are the solution."
"You just pulled a roy."

"I really love to royify things."
"Did you just roy- 'roy'?"
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Rumor; Word going around.
Literally: Rumor on Yard.
Origin: Prison lingo. As in "The word going around is..." or "Rumor has it..."
The ROY is she's in love with Billy.
The ROY is, buy stock now, that company's being bought.

Literal: (prison reference) ROY is, she's doing special favors to get outta here sooner!

by sj-jj October 01, 2007
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