North East England expression. To do something aggressively, especially related to making tackles while playing football.
Right lads, get rove in to these fuckers right from the first whistle
by Kevin Ball May 19, 2020
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To get inexplicably caught doing a dirty deed and and then blame it on someone else. Used mostly for very illegal situations.
Dude, my parents were gonna kill me when they found my stash, but there was no way I was going down before the concert this weekend so I totally roved it. My brother's grounded til he's forty.
by Midwestern Son July 29, 2005
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A word to describe how cheerful or crazy and high the person is.
E:g; i saw a girl outside a bar lat night, she looked rather rovee.
by Aber September 8, 2017
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To be fucked up the ass and not even know it.
James- Man, I think I was roved last night- after 9 shots I woke up with a sore asshole.
Karl- What are looking at me for?
by George WTF? Bush November 3, 2005
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To be unwittingly screwed over by a Machiavellian fat albino or similar character.
He totally roved that teacher by publishing photoshopped pictures of the teacher with a goat.
by Lawyerbot November 16, 2005
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A tratior fuck who outed an agent of the CIA for political revenge against someone who used actual fact and logic to expose the lie that was the justification for the Iraq war. The result was the end of all CIA WMD operations the agent ever worked on because they ceased to be clandestine and the potential death at the hand of totalitarian regimes of all local CIA contacts the agent ever worked with.
Benidict Arnold and Aldrich Ames were tratior fucks just like Karl Rove.
by RealAmerican July 19, 2005
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To defecate, in reference to former Deputy White House Chief of Staff under the Bush Administration, Karl Rove
I was going to get to work on that report, but I just finished my morning coffee and I need to visit the bathroom and take a Rove.
by Recoil42 September 4, 2008
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