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One of your very best friends. She is funny, nice and also smart. She can make you laugh no matter what happens in life. She is never mean to you, and she is always hyper. All in all, she a great friend. :)
Wow, she is so awesome, she must be a Roshelle.
by Nerds:) March 02, 2011
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a little stone. doesn't take shit from anyone. loves to make stupid comments and laugh about them. doesn't have much of a singing voice yet likes to have fun. is an OCD cleaner and would clean up pretty much everybody's stuff if they asked her too. loses her clothes in other people's rooms. overall a fun person to be around most of the time-a very pretty person and hates when people use the words gay and retarded in the colloquial sense. she is either your best friend or worst enemy, so be careful of your first impression. Good luck :)
She hates it when i use "gay" or "retarded" to call inanimate objects. Ugh she is such a roshelle.
by leavemethef*ckalone March 12, 2011
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