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One of your very best friends. She is funny, nice and also smart. She can make you laugh no matter what happens in life. She is never mean to you, and she is always hyper. All in all, she a great friend. :)
Wow!she is awesome,she must be a Roshel
by Dkhdbbx March 20, 2017
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A ugly bitch who is my best~friend,She has a bad memory Ugly on the outside But on the inside she is a wonderful person with a big ass nose.I love her though.She enjoys searching up random bull~shit with me.She's a Russian gal and is fluent in Russian.She will not take shit from anyone but me hoe.She's a wonderful Drawer But I like to say she draws so fucking emo.I love this bitch to death Like How a fat lady loves apple.
"Roshel you're so ugly"

"I know right"
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by omgimsolitty May 03, 2018
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Strong, talented, unique, one of a kind Jamaican princess
Can be persistent always walk with a straight face and IDGAF attitude
Doesn't like meeting new people that much but when she does she's quiet and behave like an angel until you pissed her off or she gets use to you and she show you the BEAST within
Doesnt take disrespect lightly and will smack a bitch if she as a reason to.
Never keep more than two female friends but as many guys as pal
Most important Ros-hel is bipolar asf but also the nicest to be around
Don't ever try to analyze Ros-hel because you'll just find Ros-hel
Understand: no difference from what you see
by Ros-hel July 27, 2018
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