Rosay - an urban spelling of the word Rose'. Usually used in reference to the wine Moet & Chandon Rose'. It seems to be a libation of preference among the "Classier" Hip-Hop artist and is commonly mentioned by artist such as Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa etc... Also commonly referred to as Gleeko, meaning sweet, which is a perfect way to describe this wine.
"Ricky Rosay!" - Rick Ross
"You think you could buy me a bottle of Rosay?" - Nicki Minaj
"Empty bottles of Gleeko and ashes on the floor, towel under the door; we wasn't supposed to even smoke." - Wiz Khalifa
by Weegie-Cloud9 September 29, 2010
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Word for wines like Franzia Sunset Blush and White Zinfandel. Rappers say "Rosay" due to the color of the wine because it is a pinkish color. It is very tasty and sweet. Favored among many of the "classier" rappers and mentioned in a lot of their songs.
by cupppkakE June 26, 2011
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"Am gonna pop this bottle of Rosay and smoke dis blunt"
by Ms.Queen-McCraken March 30, 2017
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Proper spelling rosé refers to pink champagne or sparkling wine. This could refer to any rosé type of the beverage, but in rap songs it would most likely be referring to high end champagnes such as Clicquot (not to be confused with the word for gleeko meaning sweet).
Kush blunts and rosay, pour this all night, roll this all day
by Young_Juice_Man October 16, 2010
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An unknown type of alcohol that rappers are always talking about. No information on the subject can be found online. I'm sure you want to drink it, though. That's clear.
Poppin' bottles of that rosay.

Do you think you could buy me a bottle of rosay?
by oh comely September 15, 2010
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ROSAY (ROSE-ZAY) is after the ROSE flavored Alize (a famous alcoholic beverage in rap music). It has nothing to do with wine, or any other drink. Just like you would pronounce Alize (ALI-ZAY) rappers, and other singers have abbreviated the new ROSE flavor to be a combination of the words, ROSE and ALIZE
Ive been sippin' on that rosay
by TRUEmeaning May 21, 2013
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