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Usually refers to the expensive French champagne Moet & Chandon, which is usually referred to as Moet (pronounced properly Moe-Ay, but in an urban setting, it's Moe-ett). The Chandon Estates also have vineyards in Argentina,Ausrailia, Brazil, and Spain, as well as in the USA in California. Fo Rizzle!
"I got a roly on my arm and I'm pouring Chandon and I roll the best weed, cause I got it goin on" - Snoop Dogg.
by Bill G March 28, 2005
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Chandon hates everything on earth except Kobe Bryant, chicken, iPhones, and NBA2K 19.
"Chandon, you ever heard of name anything?"
"Yeah, that sucks. Kobe is better than Michael Jordan."
by OzieIslip July 14, 2019
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Chandon is a sweet guy who is fun to be around. He can get a lot of girls but once he has his heart set on a specific girl he'll only want her. He is also really funny and can come off as annoying but that only means he cares about you. He always looks out for his friends and loves to make jokes with them. He also thinks he's ugly but everyone around him would disagree. He's so amazing and anyone would be luck to have him
He's so amazing. He must be a Chandon
by lovelynamewriter March 18, 2019
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The practice of physical union of male and female genitalia accompanied by rhythmic movements usually leading to the ejaculation of semen from the penis into the female reproductive tract; thus producing a loud, obnoxious, and endless preaching to the females deity.
by YOLOBrojardo January 20, 2012
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A Chandon is the practice of throwing any bodily fluid into the face of your partner(male or female) and yelling "Anthony says hi Biatch!!!".
What are you doing for dinner?

I'm gon Chandon your mama biatch!!
by lampmonster May 09, 2006
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