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A "rosaly" is a beutiful girl yet she thinks shes not. She is short bit tough. She knows how to defend herself and her friends. She's an amazing person but can sometimes mess things up. She's broken but manages to make sure her friends are happy. She puts her friends first and doesn't care about herself. She's wild loud and a whole lotta fun. People look at that girl and think she's shy and quiet but once you get close she's crazy asf. Shes not fake and when she says she loves you she means it. She is the greatest friend you can have so if you ever become friends don't be dumb and keep her in your life cuz that girl makes your life way more fun😊💕
Person #1: omg who's that weird girl over there?
Rosaly:Thats my best friend your talking about so you better run before I beat your ass😠
by sarahhh72 January 29, 2018
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''Have you paid your Rosaly yet?''

''Have you buttered your Rosaly today? ''

'' God have mercy on your Rosaly ''
by cockerspaniel420 November 03, 2009
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