The most beautiful woman alive. Vivid blue eyes, beautiful fine hair...
She has the most amazing personality..and often times is easy to fall in love with (three weeks tops).
She is most definitely a keeper...
Oh..and shes beautiful...did i already mention that?
Rosalies are hot..especially the ones that can act.

Joan Cusack, in the movie "School of Rock" is the only exception to a hot rosalie.
by emp7 June 30, 2011
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A very confusing but extremely attractive and caring girl who loves you for who you are is always there for you. Rosalies love to snuggle and tease you.
She was a perfect Rosalie, always loving her boyfriend.
by zach128 November 03, 2008
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the sexiest girl you will ever meet. she has big boobs, is tall and skinny and has the kind of eyes that will give any guy an instant boner attack.

the name is after a flower, which makes here even better to look at and think about, especially when your in bed with her.

quite good at seducing.
Rosalie gave me such a boner and made me so horny the first time i saw her, i knew i had to sleep with her right away.
by Care-Oh-Line July 16, 2011
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A rosalie is a girl that likes planting seeds of doubt in the minds of men (preferably married men) about the women that they're with.
"So do you still talk to your ex?"

"No, he's married now. I don't want to be a rosalie."
by Elena Gomez April 29, 2007
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A cunt.an utter fucking piece of shit with blonde hair and usually bring a bitch.
You're such a Rosalie.
by Ryu the Anonymoose November 07, 2017
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Stupid ass whore who wants to date everyone but gets rejected everytime
by Human jake March 15, 2019
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Probably the most amazing girl that you will ever met in your life. Sometimes she will misunderstand you, sometimes she might make mistakes, but every bad character trait is eclipsed by her amazing personality, her amazing sense of humour and her untouchable beauty.

Besides her amazing character, she tops all that by being smart and hard working, even if she will never admit it. She is sometimes a nerd and other times the "bad bitch" type, but always loyal and caring. If you ever get a Rosalie in your life, don't miss out on her, never cheat on her and always treat her right.
Rob: Yo, this Rosalie girl is quite good for you fam, what are you waiting for?

You: I think she deserves way more.

Rob: Fam, this is wifey material, go for it!
by TheOneAndOnly98 February 03, 2021
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