Someone who uses roofies to get someone else to sleep with them. GDI's and haters of greek life like to accuse fraternities of having such people in their houses- as a way of undermining the popularity of the fraternity on campus
Person 1: That fraternity is sketch, They have been known to roofy freshmen girls.

Person 2: Seriously!? who are the roofers in the fraternity?

Person 1: Like all of them
by Derrick Bonnerman October 14, 2009
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"Look at all these filthy Roofers in our bar!"
by TrulyTrashy November 13, 2016
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A hardworking motherfucker...who makes more money in one day than other trades make in 3.
All the other tradesmen made fun of the roofer, until he showed them his pay stub...
by fuck y'all July 1, 2005
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a crazy or insane person who exhibits extreme behavior that could endanger others.
That lady keeps kicking the cat's teeth out. She is crazy as a roofer!
by iamlapossy November 5, 2011
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A word made up in the Northwest part of Arkansas meaning "Fucking Dumbass"
God that guy is a complete roofer!
by Kyle Rudolph January 10, 2005
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