A Roof Top is simillar to an upper decker which is deficating in the upper tank of the toilet exept a Roof Top is the act of leaving the turd on the top of the water tank lid. Sometimes called "Shingling the roof"
by flax64 December 8, 2009
To cover one's hand when in the act of prison shanking an enemy, so as not to alert the warden and ceiling cameras of your misdeeds.
Hey Tron, you gotta roof top that sharpened toothbrush so the ceiling cameras dont bust that ass.
by David Tribbey October 2, 2005
Climbing on top of a roof and having a quick vape
Just went for a bit of roof top chonging with the lads
by Ketboy 3000 December 17, 2019
Classy Event or gathering of great minds that includes getting High From Mary Jane.
Roof Top Garden Party at my place on 420.
by Money Rocket/Jonny Cool May 29, 2012
A roof top camper is what is considered a scum of the universe

A roof top camper is in all video games that are FPS but most common in the following games

Call of duty, apex, fortnight etc.
Gamer one: I just killed by the scum of the universe

Gamer two: roof top camper

Gamer one: yep
by Pp water big daddy April 24, 2021