Ronald or Ronny is an amazing person. He will always be there for you. Once you meet one you will want to sped your life with them. They are super understanding and are good to talk to if you have depression or anxiety. They usually like to hug or kiss you if they know you feel down. They are the perfect match if you need a BF that will totally respect your space and wants and needs. Most Ronalds will try their hardest to please you. They usually come with black thick curly hair and tan skin.
Ronny-are you ok?
Person- no how did you tell
Ronny- you always chew your hair when your sad
by The Raven- Poe June 26, 2020
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Scottish origin: Great King/Counsel

Powerful. Has sixth sense of being able to read minds. An extremely intelligent person who remains under the radar(dangerous). Shows little emotion.

Is usually very athletic. Great at many sports. A guy who if you fall in love with, you will forever love, more than anyone in the world. Even after a break up. An intense charmer, and wonderful person. Sometimes is very shy. Can figure a way to get through hard situations.
by Sara Gates May 25, 2015
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When your best friend fucks/flirts/or makes inappropriate contact with the boy you are with or interested in.
GIRL: Omg, my boyfriend just kissed my bestfriend!
GIRL 2: Man, girl you just got Ronnied!
by Ohhhohhbaby April 16, 2010
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An intelligent and relatively young woman that 'generally' embodies charm, beauty, wisdom, style, humor, talent, potential, consideration, dedication, satisfaction and genuity.

An evolving goddess far superior than other women.

A successful result yielded from combining totally diverse ethnicities & talents, then exposing to foreign societies and domestic culture.

A person who is always running late, even when she is tricked about event times or is assisted by a bellhop or valet.

Someone better in writing than wine-faceted dinner parties or competitive social scenes.

Uniquely best in the end.
She's my Tenderronni.
Just add Ronni and you're good to go!
Ronni does a body good.
Stop. No, I'm saving myself for Ronni.
by Petite sophisticate February 04, 2010
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Ronnie's are incredibly handsome. Unknowing of their attractive appearance, Ronnie's are bashful when given compliments. Ronnie's have hearts as big as gold and sometime's find it hard to trust others. Sometimes fear holds Ronnie's back, but they remain patient and open minded. Ronnie's tend to be attracted to those they can connect well with, because Ronnie's are true conversationalists and are insanely humorous. Introverted, yet still Ronnie likes to go out with his mates and play pool. Ronnie's are full of adventure and love the outdoors. Sometimes Ronnie uses, "your" instead of, "you're" but he's still super intelligent. Talking with a Ronnie, you learn something new everyday. There's never a dull moment when you have them as a friend. They make great partners, as they are great listeners and are always there with open arms for you. Anyone who has a Ronnie in their life is considered very lucky.
"Hey, that guys a total stud!"

- "He sure is a Ronnie!"

"Woah that guy is awesome at football!!"
- "Don't you know that's my friend Ronnie?"

"I want someone who will chat with me for hours!"
- " Becky, get yourself a Ronnie!!"
by Klob1999 August 18, 2016
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