"..Actually, my name's Alex."

{ron-ld} noun, 2. To become Ronald {too bih-kuhm ron-ld} verb

A present employee of the fast-food restaurant/establishment, "McDonald's."

A conformist.

Handing away your individuality to become part of the "Hitler youth-esque" wave that has spread across the universe.
Similar to signing your soul over to Satan.
Dana: Dude, I don't even work there anymore.
Kelly: Ha! Ookay, Ronald. Whatever you say.

Ray Man: Dude. What do you think that Ronald does when she's off the clock?
Ethan: Heh. I can't tell you, but I know that it's mine.

Slate: What do you think's worse? Working as a Ronald, or buying into Gangnam Style?
by refinedhippie November 02, 2012
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Getting pussy while still being an accused "stalker" and an "internet loser".
Damn, Zeek has been a straight up Ronald lately. He's browsing 5 forums and hitting up 5 bitches.
by zeek the geek February 29, 2008
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What you are called when you are born in a McDonald's bathroom
I gave birth to my son in a McDonalds bathroom and even though his name is Aaron we call him Ronald
by OG grandma March 30, 2015
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One of the biggest assholes you will ever meet in your life.
Horrible husband, father, friend.
Ronald is just a douche
by alexis.cerrato101 February 25, 2010
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·dum dum
·use for kids who suck at games
you see that? ronald sucks at that game
by roneldd February 27, 2020
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