abbreviation for heroin.

Heroin is often pronounced "heron" or "hairon" by those in the city so "ron" became used as an abbreviation of that mispronunciation.
I'm really fiendin' for some ron. Call up dudeman for a couple bags.

I emptied out my bank account 3 times because of ron. It's time to go cold turkey and kick this shitty habit.
by Ralf futz December 23, 2009
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The perfect hero at all times. A crusader of the highest order. Not just a king, but a warrior king who will fight for the right at any cost. A true champion of women, children, and the oppressed. Willing to sacrifice himself and anything to protect and empower any kingdoms on earth who will stand up for righteousness.
Ron, a warrior king of the highest order.
by Warrior King! February 05, 2018
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Ron is weird and really annoying. Ron is good at everything, he’s really smart and athletic. He always offers to help with homework, even if people don’t need it.
Her least favorite person is a Ron
by I hate ron November 05, 2018
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Is a person that is all knowing. He will usually have an answer for everything. If he is wrong he won't admit it. He usually works 20 hrs each day and will tell you every time. He will also tell you a lot of background information on everything that he is going to do.
Fuck the new guy is such a "Ron" he thinks he knows everything
by Bossman310 March 10, 2010
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She hadn't seen this dude for 15 years, but suddenly he popped up. What a Ron
by neither here August 23, 2008
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Ron; a female who looks like a total man. A super dike. A very manly butch woman. It is mostly associated with very butch chicks. A type of lesbian.

Example: Lipstick lesbian, femme, tomboy, soft butch, butch, dike, ronling, ron.
I may be a lesbian, but I am definatly not attracted to any rons
by hxmotofox88 September 26, 2010
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