-When someone snowboarding attempts an urban rail and doesn't make it. The person slides down the rail on his stomach with his arms over one side.
-It’s so hilarious to watch this happen to someone.
"HAHAHa that kid just rolling pinned that down rail!"
by S^0WB0@RD January 27, 2010
Insert two fingers deep into the anal orifice and insert two fingers of the opposite hand into the vaginal orifice and spin the female back and forth - back and forth like kneading dough across the bed. Use her like a rolling-pin.
Mother of pearl, Joey gave Sally Jane the Rolling-Pin and she loved it. Said it was the best time of her life! She felt like she was making pizza!
by Dick Beck December 30, 2010
The act of deficating, ejaculating and have the female period on the ground and then rolling the female back and forth through the pile of stuff then rubbing it all over herself until she resembles the egyptian flag.
Dude you better clean this place up after you finish human rolling pin-ing your bitch.
by Nipplehorny June 5, 2011
An acknowledgment or expression of good will between two pimps; verbal Affirmations, often coupled with Gestures, that are an integral part of two pimps comfirming good spirits and times.
Jonny Rimar : Hey, man what's goin on?
JJSmedi : Nuttin much cat- just rollin dem pins
Jonny Rimar : Ya man, i feel you.
Salt : Pirtz! Where'd you get that ugly, yellow H2?
Pirtz : I won it man!
Saltz : (High-fives Pirtz) Thats it boy- roll dem pins.
by bump your way to freedom July 9, 2006
When you viciously beat someone to death with a rolling pin in Texas.
Steve: “oh look a Texas rolling pin
John: “nice…”
Steve: *viciously beats John to death in Texas*
by Stebone69 September 30, 2021