A useful tool to have around when you really need to curse and can't.

If you cannot relate to this now, you will by the time you have children.
For instance, "Shit mother fucker fuck shit" , can be easily translated to, "Mother of pearl".
by AislynnE. May 02, 2006
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this saying has its origins in the 70s love movement and was made really famous by Cheech & Chong in the 80s through their marijuanha films.

It does not mean OMG or awesome. It's a stand-alone phrase, usually preceding the phrase that will describe the object or situation that's freaking you out, blowing you away or leaving you at a loss for words.

It's present tense, denoting something that's actually happening and feels like it is beyond incredible.
Holy mother of pearl! Look at those tender young asses(on the beach);- cops in helicopter shadowing Cheech & Chong.

Holy mother of pearl! That's some serious shit.

Holy mother of pearl! That's one strong fuckin drink.

Holy mother of pearl! Did you see that?(a flying dog playing a guitar and shooting laserbeams from its eyes)

A spaceship appearing over London would leave you speechless, probably only with the ability to utter the words 'holy mother of pearl.'
by Lanos Iceland July 28, 2011
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Holy Moses Mother of Pearl is something you would yell instead of swearing when your in the company of small children and the elderly and something bad has happened.
On the way home from Chuck-E-Cheese Pizza, Ryan's friend started to feel sick and to his moms surprise Ryan's friend Jesse vomited hitting her in the back of her head! With vomit running down her back she almost dropped the "F" bomb and instead shouted, "Holy Moses Mother of Pearl!" "Did you just recycle pizza in my hair?"
by Shucky Kunt August 30, 2017
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