An inadvertent glimpse of a woman's underwear while she is wearing them.
Mark! Look at that girl posing for that picture, you can see her rollie!
by Sithsteen July 11, 2008
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A popular dance move whaere you put your hand s up to your head and move your waist back and forth
I just want a rollie rollie with a dab of ranch
by Shapmateo February 3, 2018
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a cigarette rolled using barely any tobacco.

comes from the fact that tobacco is a highly sought after commodity in prison, hence you have to roll smokes using as little as possible.
Jimmy: let me pinch some baccy then!
Alex: nah bro
Jimmy: go on, i'll make it a prison rollie?
Alex: FINE
by chalt0 April 11, 2013
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Typically a Southern (Oklahoma) get down. When you're fucking your girl, you roll her over and just start slamming(Rollie Slama), until you nut and/or she looses feeling in her legs. Maximum slam power is to be used.
"She said stop Poking around in there and Rollie Slama me already!"

"Bro, you should have seen this freak last night. She turns around and says do the Rollie Slama and don't stop until I can't feel my legs baby."

This morning she wanted some Rollie Slama, next thing out of her mouth was Fuucck this is Fire"
by Firecomm June 21, 2016
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a hopeless man who rolls down a steep hill because of life threatening situations.
Scoop, Muk, and Drizzy. AND ROLLY TOO!
by Mikethunders100 January 1, 2018
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