Slang for a stereotypical Australian.
Someone with a strong accent who enjoys beer, bbqs, Australian football, V8 cars, thongs etc.
"Macca is such an ocker"
by beerbongs May 10, 2005
Typical Australian, generally male. Uses terms such as "That's gold" and pronounces the word "beer" without the R.

Also known as: Bogan.

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That dingo stole my baby! ... damn that's ocker
by boy_with_doll December 3, 2006
A term for the so-called typical Australian male- overweight, slobbish, beer-drinking man who spent his time on the couch. However, this image is mainly limited to the older generation, as most young Australian men take an interest in keeping fit and active.
That bloke down the road is such an ocker. Would do him good to do some exercise once in a while.
by FFGoddess February 7, 2004
Australian slang, for a working class person with a good sense of humour, the ability to overcome difficulties and a lack of refinement.
"John the farmer, he's a real Ocker"
by FLEBIN ( The Raving Aussie) September 8, 2003
Australian Juvenile slang meaning cock used subtly
She loves the ockerous
by olrytebroillchay September 3, 2009
To be Ockered, is a very long process, with several phases, that may take days, months, or even years. An Ockering may take place with or without your consent and you won't know it has happened until it's over.
AHHHHHHH....Oh naw, Oh Fuckin Naw, Oh Hellllllllll Naw!!!! I got Fuckin Ockered son!
by Farfy Blobbles September 6, 2010
Tribal bird with monk connections loves walking footballers
Ockers nockers is wanking footalls again
by Hot rod 44 November 20, 2021