A synoym for "kickback". Used for referencing to hanging out with a group of people.
Alicia: man, I'm so bored rn
Carver: jus roll back w a few
by roshtosh July 7, 2017
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the state where u try to get ur roll back the day or days after rollin...this is usually done by drinking a shit ton of redbulls and smoking menthols every 15 minutes... the number one way to get ur roll back is to hang out with rodney for an hour...listening to him makes ur roll come back the hardest
rodney"what are u doing smoking that cigarette?"
dick"im getting my roll back"
rodney"yah baby!!"
by shitlog June 1, 2007
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Roll Back On is just another word for sex. Except it's different. What you do is not your normal doggy style, it's more like rolling. The dick will go in the vagina and then you guys hug and suck and all that stuff while rolling. It's quite comfortable if you do it on a very comfortable bed. It might cause back pain but hey, the dick was in. That's all it matters!
Bruh i just had the best Roll Back On last night with mah girl!
by Fukmehh69 February 19, 2017
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The process of reversing a automobile then quickly putting in first gear, reving the engine and dumping the clutch. This is often done on front wheel drive cars that could not otherwise do a standing burnout. For more fwd fun, try reverse burnouts.
"Do a roll back!!"
"na my clutch is slipping"
"don't be a pussy"
by Rota rolla August 28, 2006
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When the police or the owner of a store/restaurant/club rewinds a security tape to view it for suspicious or illegal activity.
They did a roll back last night at Burger King, dude. Daniel was stealing shit like crazy!
by michaeljb March 12, 2008
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Must be male, Pulling your foreskin all the way back before having a piss. Then letting in roll back in its own time.

Pioneered by a clever man Jack P
Foreskins rolled back...

Half hour to half a day later, " O shit, its Rolled Bacccck!"

"Thats a Roll Back if ever i saw one"
by King_of_da_Grittaz November 1, 2012
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A special occasion when someone purchases rolls, ecstasy pills, at a great value.

"Dude! I got uber Roll Back Prices today!"
"Really, how Back where they?"
"Singlestacks for $10 each!"
by BothTyrants June 28, 2007
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