1. A cigerette which is hand rolled using rizla, tobacco and a roach, also known as a roll up.

2. Rogger Oli (he loves roggers)
"Roll me a rogger pussy!"

"Get Rogger aat"
by JO!? July 31, 2008
Rogger is a handsome, charming and loving person. He is someone who you can always rely on. His care and concerns for others are belond words. He takes into consideration very one thinks about all. He has a heart of Gold. Someone who can make your day bright and can be a reason for your smile and laughter. He gets moody and angry sometimes. He is someone who likes food and travelling alot.
I am lucky to have a Rogger in Life.
by Rara girl November 23, 2021
An facial expression where the partaken widens there eyes and raises there eyebrows.
Look mr rock is ROGGERS
by Llyddatnig December 6, 2020
The other slightly less aprochable form of creature after morfing from a rosie
Hey rosie AAAAAAA she's changing Oh no she's a roggers!!!!
by ding-a-ling September 27, 2003
When a goofy, joker-like friend lands a SMOKING HOT girlfriend.
Geoff: How in the fuck did you get michelle?
Dayshon: I don't know, told her a joke , and now were a thing.
Geoff: Rogger Rabbiting motherfucker
by Dapper Day Day March 18, 2017
The act of sneaking into an old red barn and having your way with the unsuspecting animals
Hey Jim! go on in there and barn rogger those goats!
by cole manning June 22, 2019
When there’s no sugar so carbohydrates take over causing infection
Mush u look ugly w that rogger
by Alex Hogg July 23, 2021