Bailing on plans you have made, and ignoring every text and call.
Being Extremely Unreliable
-"Is he coming tonight?" "I Don't know I text him but he's pulling a Lazenby"

-"Can you pick me up?" "I would but my car is being proper Lazenby"
by JWE92 January 24, 2013
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somebody who sucks up to everyone who has some sort of authority so that they think they are a nice person even though they are pricks to others when the person with authority is not looking. this means that they get other people in trouble when they react because they always get away with it. this normally happens in a teaching establishment such as a school or college.

see also: teachers pet
that guys doing a lazenby to the teacher again
by scul March 12, 2008
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Australian born actor given the difficult task of being the first non-Connery 007. Much hated by many who haven't read On Her Majesty's Secret Service, he had the doubly difficult task of being the only Bond to genuinely fall for a girl, a trait that goes against a regular Bond story.

Used to be the Malboro man before being chosen to play Bond. Was actually asked to make a second Bond, but turned it down himself- a move he would later regard as the worst of his life. Recently got into Pierce Brosnan's bad books when the press overheard a comment he said about Pierce.

His Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, is perhaps Bond's most vulnerable film, but still manages to balance a love story with a thriller action piece about a plot to contaminate England's livestock and other food sources.
Guy 1: Dude that George Lazenby sucked. He needs a chick to save him from thugs? come on!

Guy 2: Yeah, but his only contact had been murdered and he had barely survived the trip down the mountain. You'd be pretty shook up too if you went through that.

Guy 1: Connery could have handled it. Even Daulton could have breezed it.

Guy 2: Yeah, and look at how Connery was in Diamonds are Forever- talking to Blofeld like he hadn't just killed his WIFE! I like Connery, but even he shouldn't have touched DaF.

Guy 1: Yeah, true dat.
by Bubblybrook July 25, 2006
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Matthew Lazenby is a music producer from the uk known for his songs one and only and alone . You can find him on Spotify @matthew Lazenby
Have you heard the new Matthew Lazenby song
by Lpkg August 25, 2021
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