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a phrase which questions the readiness of someone or something; short for "are you ready to go"?
I gotta get goin', chump. Rets?
by jdm November 21, 2002
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A better way of saying your every day word 'retarded'. Taken as plural from the word, 'reterded' which is a fancier way of saying retarded.
Is she rets?
What's wrong with you!!! Are you totes rets or what?!
My goodness, she looks so reterded.
by Widdy Angelz November 07, 2011
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Ret (verb): The act of throwing out trash, cleaning, or clearing out unwanted items.

Mainly a word used in Indiana or other "rural" States/areas.
Mom: I asked you kids to RET the table and plates after dinner, but it's been over an hour!

Children: Mom, we were going to RET the table, but Dad smoked a cigarette after dinner and we didn't want to be in the dining room while he was smoking!

Mom: Well, you should've waited until he was done with his cigarette and then you could've RETTED his ashtray, too!!!
by Emonowski July 20, 2017
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bo-ness word - rat - smelly person who has little or no worth
haha jim is a total ret
by dhhdh September 22, 2005
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