to simultaniously laugh and pwn sum1 all in one try.

or to be pwned and than laughed at
wow i just roflpwned that nub, what a chach
by dontbeachach May 19, 2009
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When the action of pwnage leads to roflage. This can be done by having a moment of severe pwnage that insues in a great deal of laughter.
Omg, that kid's mother just t-bagged her son! Roflpwnt!
by Pwnxorz November 5, 2007
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roflpwn is the act of taking someone's ego and progressing to place it into a blender with a small amount of lolitwist and running it through frappé.
1) That customer needed help configuring his spam assassin installation to filter our Russian porn. ROFLPWN! *unsupported*
by netster403 December 6, 2006
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When faced with an experience of immense failure causing others to roll on the floor laughing at you screaming the words "owned", "pwned", or "you suck".
Dude you just got roflpwned.
by ZackKerp April 1, 2009
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When someone was pwned in a very funny way.
Your friend accidently dropped the bomb... Roflpwned!
by Megaryuu April 30, 2008
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rolling on the floor laughing owning worthless noobs
roflpwn:owning someone and laughing so hard you fall out of your chair
by therealmatrixfox January 11, 2008
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