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Rodney’s are very great people. Rodney’s have A very defined personality. They are athletic and physically tough. They have the strongest deepest love you’ll ever find in a man. They will do anything for their girl. Rodney’s are easy to fall in love with because of their sweet, dedicated heart. When you’re around a Rodney you will feel so loved. Most importantly, you can always trust them. They never break trust. Just like love, they find trust very much important. If you have a Rodney never let that boy go. They are the most loving, caring, dependable person you can ever have in your life.
“My sweet husband Rodney made me breakfast this morning and brought it into the room to wake me up”

“I love my boyfriend Rodney”

“Man, Rodney is the best thing to happen to me🥰”
by Hanggkdidoy July 19, 2019

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