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Shortened from "Rock my Socks"

Totally awesome.
Best thing ever.
Turns one on.
Makes one tremendously happy.
Response to good news.
Kicks ass.
That rocks socks!
You totally rock socks!
That rocks fucking socks dude!
The party will definately rock socks!
by Skylar October 05, 2004
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Something so great it will blow your socks off.

Unbelievably, amazingly, indescribably not entirely unlike an orgasm but much cleaner and a lot less work involved.

Coined by William G Burns III in the book, "English Idioms, Sayings and Slang" by Wayne Magnuson.
A free trip to space on Virgin Galactic Rocks Socks.

The day that Ferris Beuller had Rocks Socks.
by darianknight February 12, 2007
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to do something realy cool or amazing

it can be inhansed by the adding of other word like major-it rocks major socks
guy 1: did you play that new game for the wiis3

guy 2: hell yea it rocks socks
by so0o easy January 17, 2009
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A overused phrase. Mainly used by Imposter Hipsters who think saying it means they are so called "cool." Many people use the phrase occasionally (which is okay when used in moderation. Imposter Hipsters include the people who lable theirselves as goth, emo, or punk, when in fact they actually are scene kids looking for attention.
Hipster Imposter: "Like oh my gawd! I like totally like that band. They like totally Rox my sox (aka Rocks Socks)!!

Person who is their own self: "Do you even know the band's name or who plays in it? Name one non-mainstream song."

Hipster Imposter: "Uh, oh my gawd! I totally don't know."

Person who is their own self: "Exactly what I thought."
by People can be so hilarious! March 17, 2007
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