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To be rocking out on the game 'Rockband', a sort of musical rythm game with plastic guitars and colorful buttons.
What now, Mom? I can't go now, I'm Rockbanding the fuck out of Jessie here!
by Segadroid August 12, 2010
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A social gathering of people to participate in a multitude of different activites. The act of Rock Banding usally begins with one subject being the focus of the time. But as the event continues actvities will change often as the participants grow bored with the previous event. On occasion multipul events will take place at the same time allowing for people to move between activites.

Planning of the event will usually be done quickly. People often receving notice of the event less that 12 hours before the event, if not right before event begins.
"Dude we all went Rock Banding last night over at this one guys place. We all started listing to music but wound up playing Football in the back yard."
by bioguy7 June 14, 2009
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