A large group of people in which show low amounts of competence. They end up focusing on the wrong things, like banning expensive accounts for unknown reasons and making the chat filter crumble to a point where you can't say a word without getting it censored. They don't do shit to handle actual problems and prefer shutting down youtube channels with thousands of hours of editing put into them. They most likely don't know the first thing about time or money, because that's all they like to steal from people. Besides the amounts of hatred people have for them, they actually are really tough to get through and bypass.
Roblox moderation isn't very effective, but it surely prevents people from experiencing a fun platform!
by Urbpostee August 26, 2020
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Worst Roblox Moderation System Ever even i can't say gay in game what a worst moderation
Roblox Moderation: Banned for 7 days as saying gay
by Bak Hyemi September 4, 2021
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Roblox Mods are the team that moderates Roblox. Roblox Mods are people that ban you off of Roblox for no apparent reason. They ban and ban and ban. People can impersonate your parents and ban you.
Roblox Moderation banned me for no reason. Ruben Sim got banned for calling out the head Roblox Moderator. Roblox Moderators are one of the worst people ever at times.
by aregularrobloxplayer January 13, 2021
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the moderation system that accepts legit porn but doesn't accept a funny looking face.
Person 1: Roblox moderation sucks! I got banned for posting a face that I drew in Microsoft paint!
Person 2: Damn, that sucks.
by Dakiile December 13, 2021
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Roblox Moderation Team is the team that moderates roblox. They often like to use the ban tool like it's their own toy. For example, people can get banned for saying the word ''gay'' or something they have never said. The roblox moderation team usually never fix their platform or try to be smart with what they are doing.
Person : ###
Roblox Moderation team: We take this as discriminatory speech and we shall ban you now for 7 days
Person: What, that wasn't even something bad it was all hashtagged
Roblox Moderation Team: We are still banning you for 7 days
Person: Damn the Roblox Moderation team sucks.
by Perospero February 3, 2022
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