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A girl who you breaks up with and then hear you uncle crying downstairs.
Bobby broke up with his Roblox Girlfriend and heard his uncle crying in the basement.
by Gacha Nacho May 06, 2019
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a 7 year old in a relationship with a 40 year old man not even knowing he's a man or that he's 40 also the kid will probably commit suicide when the old man breaks up with him
Timmys mom: timmy why you got a gun

Timmy: my roblox girlfriend left me so im gonna commit suicide
by AntLord January 17, 2018
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every person on roblox with a female character that follows you and gives you shit basically (I wouldn't know because I don't play roblox. I don't need that kind of cancer.)
dude my roblox girlfriend is so hot my brother says I get all the roblox pussy!
by The guy with website humor April 03, 2017
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A Roblox Girlfriend is a girl not situated yet to be in the girlfriend spot but is intended to be.
Friend: So what's up with you and Sara?
Jose: I made Sara my Roblox Girlfriend because idk if I'm ready to date her fully but imma try And see if I can get her to be my real girlfriend
by Dj Slim Dick June 12, 2017
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