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Robl - Rolling on bed laughing

One who laughs unconfined on their sleeping utility. However, in the unlikely event of one falling off their bed, the act will then be defined as "rofling"
"Hey bill, do you want to robl really hard?'
"Sure, tim, we're already in our beds!"
"why did the alligator gate?"
by Jesse Fisher April 12, 2006
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"That bridge is very homosexual"
"Bridges have feelings, too"
"Not this one... trust me >_>"
"No, no, no... ROBL!"
by Joker47 March 25, 2007
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01:11:12 <Spastic> So like Autism sounds shit
01:11:23 <chopz> man why are you lookin at that
01:11:31 <Spastic> Cause there was some ad on the tv
01:11:33 <Spastic> Teh
01:11:39 <Spastic> And I felt bad for teh kid with autism
01:11:44 <Spastic> Cause he was like 18 years old
01:11:47 <Spastic> And playing magic cards
01:11:51 <Spastic> So he was kinda like Jon
01:11:56 <chopz> ROFL
01:12:09 <chopz> rolling around my bed laughing
01:12:13 <Spastic> ROBL
by Ken October 20, 2004
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Acronym for rolling on bed laughing.
Person 1: Robl
Person 2: Robl?
Person 1: Yeah, I'm on my bed. Robl.
by Saer June 23, 2007
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also known as giblet or a little know it all that gets right up peoples arses and wont come out again
he is sucking so much he such a robl !
by procers123 January 24, 2011
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