An investing platform with free commissions that should really be called the Sheriff of Nottingham after they limited the purchases of "GME" to protect the hedge fund Citadel that pays 40% of their income.
"Do you invest on Robinhood? I heard they have free commissions"
"No, I invest on ThinkorSwim because they don't try to rob the hood. "
by carribgyal February 2, 2021
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For a company or person to act in a manner that so defies everything their brand ever stood for that it actually makes the brand ironic.
Did you hear how wholesome ol’ Mr. Bill Cosby drugged and raped all those women? Dannng. Homey totally pulled a Robinhood.
by SILV3R SMOKE February 1, 2021
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When you eat a big girl out and you fashion a hood out of fat apron and wear it over your head
I am going to Robinhood the hell out that momma.
by Jeez wiz July 15, 2018
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RobinHooding is when rich guys play Sugardaddy to poor girls.
Dude 1: Why is Nick so smooth with Naomi?
Dude 2: He's RobinHooding her. She steals from the rich while he gives back to the poor.
by PartyMonkey2000 July 25, 2018
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Another term for dumpster diving..finding perfectly usable items in trash cans or garbage bins or dumpsters.
A form of Recycling what Corporate American deems unsellable
many corporate businesses throw away perfectly good items because of damage to the packaging rather than giving it to the poor or to a shelter...
Hence...Robinhooding is taking from the mega rich corporate america dumsters to satisfy the needs of the homeless or lower income class
by MommahG January 12, 2012
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Taken money from the Poor and giving it to the Rich
I get 5% Cash Back on my Discover Card.... They get that cash back money from the poor fucks that get charged with the interest rates because they cant pay their bills then they give it to me for paying on time. Hence Reverse Robinhood Money goes from poor to Rich instead of Rich to Poor
by Dale Dobson January 23, 2012
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A Red Robinhood is when you tie someone to a wall with a vine and then stick a sharp arrow up there ass and watch them turn into a tomato.
I will Red Robinhood Andrew Mertz later tonight”
by Blexy March 21, 2021
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