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Rode men is a british drug dealer speaking in different manner than brits
They mostly wear puffer jackets and bike air max shoes they sell Marijuana and do small acts of crime like robbing and bulglery
That Roadmen sell some good stuff
by zann3 June 08, 2018

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serbwave is a music genre often remixes of 80s and 90s serbian music with war imagery
"what music do you listen to"
"i listen to serbwave"
by zann3 September 18, 2020

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Black beret is a head gear often worn by paranilitaries
the insurgents were wearing Black berets
by zann3 July 19, 2020

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Xus a slang term for homie priginating from cus
Yo whats up xus
by zann3 September 14, 2019

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A guy missprnouncing faggot while accting hard
You're a saggot
by zann3 August 15, 2019

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