a metal holder you use when the joint is too small and burns your lips and fingers
by dave featherstone October 10, 2003
A metal device used for holding a blunt when it gets too small to hold with fingers.
Damn man , pass me the roach clip. This blunt is getting too small.
by ErickaPickLeJuicee May 17, 2010
A device used to hold a marijauna cigarette to avoid the dropping of it when intoxited, also allowing one to use the most marijauna available.
Dude do you have a roch clip I'm too stoned to hold my joint
by alien7 March 25, 2003
A term used in place of the original:

Pot Holder

It appears Pot Holder was already taken.
"Ethel, please use the roach clip. It's over there - near the pot holder."
by Mike December 11, 2003
When you take the penis and stick it between the big toe and the second toe essentially forming a "roach clip".
I went drinking with my girlfriend last night. We were both so drunk I did a roach clip. It was epic!
by Chaps Provolone November 28, 2010
Clips used to hold roaches of marijuana sweets, blunts or joints
Once the Swish Sweet burns down we better pull out'em roach clips.
by Andreus Kolonegi July 17, 2006
A roach clip dick is something that a narcissistic chauvinistic male has, and because of it, they are usually sexually insecure and dysfunctional because they put too much stock into their pathetically tiny malformed sexual organ. They seek to constantly cover up their shortcomings because they need tweezers to hold it to pee because their man is literally the size of a roach clip from a blunt.
Maybe he's being so shitty to the ladies because he got a "roach clip dick."
by Dem Applez October 27, 2022