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An amazing girl who has great taste. Not too mention her good looks and long brown hair. Although shy at first, she becomes somewhat feisty when annoyed. She is very cool.
Boy: Hey, have you met Roaa yet?
Girl: Yeah, she's super nice.
by Scarlet Skye February 18, 2013
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She loves to draw .She loves fashion so much . She is most the fashionable person ever. They have an awesome voice .They usually like Ariana g or camila cabello.They are so cool.So artsy.Prettyyyy asf
That Roaa is insta queen

That Roaa has a pretty voice
by Aroo April 19, 2018
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The definition of art and beyond, a very pure hearted female who’s contributed her devious likability onto those who she truly cherishes in her life. She’s very beautiful, glassy charcoal eyes; divine silky black hair, pink lucious soft lips, glowing skin (tanned/black), and much more beauty that can’t be put into words. An angel sent from heaven and is extremely charismatic when it comes to her atmosphere around guys, they’ll fall for her in no time. Her smile brings light to people, and so does her personality. She’s a full package, though be careful what you say to her, her beauty may fool you too much but she’s got her limits.
I’d kill to be a roaa.
by Delinna September 06, 2019
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